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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm


Mailing Address:
Michigan State University

207 Olds Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 355-2180
Fax: (517) 432-4503
Email: irb@msu.edu


Office Location:
207 Olds Hall.
Olds Hall is located between the Administration Building and MSU Main Library. Campus Map


Biomedical and Health Institutional Review Board (BIRB)


Welcome to the Biomedical and Health Institutional Review Board (BIRB). The BIRB meets on the second Monday of every month. For a listing of upcoming BIRB meeting dates with the full review deadlines, please click here.



BIRB Overview

Mission Statement

Meetings Dates with the Full Review Deadlines

BIRB Application Review Assignment

Committee Members

Administration Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Authority of the BIRB

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BIRB Overview


The Biomedical and Health Institutional Review Board (BIRB) is one of three IRB committees on the Michigan State University East Lansing campus. Michigan State University’s IRBs were established to advance the goal of conducting research with diligence and integrity. The purpose of the committee is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of human subjects who participate in research conducted by students and/or faculty affiliated with MSU. Applications submitted to the BIRB generally encompass medical, biological, and health research and can be medically invasive or medically non-invasive.


BIRB Application Review Assignment


The BIRB reviews applications based primarily on the Responsible Project Investigator's College affiliation. Listed below are the colleges in which applications are reviewed by the BIRB.


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources*
College of Education*
College of Human Ecology*
College of Human Medicine
College of Natural Science*
College of Nursing
College of Osteopathic Medicine


*Denotes that some departments within these colleges are reviewed by the Social/Behavioral/Education Institutional Review Board (SIRB). For a listing of the departments within these colleges reviewed only by the BIRB, please click here.


Committee Members

Below is a list of the BIRB committee members, their representation on the committee, and each member’s specialty.

Committee Member

College/Community Representation (If Applicable)

Scientific/Non-Scientific Specialty

Decker, Barbara, BS IRB Staff Human Subjects Regulations
Dressel, David, MTh.
Community Representative (prisoner subjects)
Theology / Prisoner advocate/ Organizational structures
Giunta, Hannah, BS
Grad Student
Cell & Molecular Biology, Psychology, Bioethics, Public Health, Pediatrics, Prisoners
Horste, Ian, MPH Community Representative (Michigan Dept. of Community Health) Epidemiology
Kumar, Ashir, MD (Chair) Pediatrics and Human Development Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases
McGee, Harry, MPH
(Vice Chair)
Human Medicine

Epidemiology/Survey Research/ International Public Health

Morrison, Chet, MD
College of Human Medicine

Critical Care/Surgery

Mulford, Teresa, JD

Ethics/Behavioral Science/Medical Records/Law Policy

Quinlan, Paul , MS, DO
Philosophy & BioEthics
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry / Electroconvulsive Therapy / Epidemiology
Rios, Carlos, MPH/ScD
Epidemiology / Substance Abuse
Stommel, Manfred, PhD
College of Nursing
Health Services Research / Obesity Studies / Bio-Statistics
Swearingen, Katherine, MDiv


McMillan, Judy, BS
IRB Staff
Human Subject Regulations, IRB Administrator, Clinical Studies /Biochemistry
Peckham, Linda, MA
Communication/Students in Higher Education/Consent Comprehension


BIRB Administrator

Below you will find a listing of the BIRB administration staff. Click the appropriate name to learn more information about each individual.

Kim Hess, IRB Administrator III


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